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Scram Group

Scram Group is the parent company for a variety of established retail websites. Founded in 2020, the Group provides consumers with access to amazing brands and products throughout the world.


Scram Group is a leading international online retail company with established websites in USA, Australia, UK, France and Germany. Scram provides customers with access to quality brands and products at competitive prices distributed locally in each specific country.

The customer shopping experience is enhanced by the deployment of leading edge technology to ensure personalised and localised product offerings.

Scram intends to expand its global offering by introducing a wider range of merchandise to customers through its existing websites. Selective acquisitions will also be considered as part of our future strategy to provide new merchandise to our customers.

Our Brands

Mutts & Hounds has grown to become the premium British lifestyle brand for dogs and their owners. The company offers a wide range of products, each inspired by the beautiful Cotswold countryside surrounding the company’s rural studio and workshop in Wiltshire. The signature collection comprises a range of original and unique printed linens, Yorkshire tweed and Italian leather, with products ranging from collars and leads to beds, toys, treats and much more.

In spite of the company’s growth, much of the manufacturing still takes place in-house, allowing the small, passionate team the flexibility to introduce exciting new pieces each season and retain a high standard of quality throughout.

Mutts & Hounds is regularly featured in printed media and is chosen by many high profile customers. It is now stocked in over 200 stores and boutiques in 18 countries.

Bioflow are global leaders in magnetic therapy with class leading products that benefit from its own Central Reverse Polarity technology. Established in 1991, the Company has developed and maintained an excellent reputation for both its products and levels of customer service with over a million satisfied customers.

The company operates within the Health and Lifestyle, Sport and Pet Accessory markets and its products are trusted as a non-invasive, non-allergenic alternative therapy for a wide range of conditions.

The business is based in Plymouth, Devon with a small, yet highly committed team. It operates principally in the UK, Australia and via partners across Europe.

Bioflow Esports is Scram’s newest venture, founded in 2021. Developed as an offshoot of the Bioflow brand, Bioflow Esports offers magnetic therapy wristbands with amateur and professional gamers in mind. This colourful range of silicone wristbands provides easy-to-wear apparel for those looking to get the edge on gaming. 

Like Bioflow, the business is based in Plymouth, Devon and operates worldwide through its online store.